Lesson Plans

I created my first lesson plan today!  The final task for my Issues in Instructional Design course is to create a presentation that covers different learning theories.  In this presentation I am supposed to illustrate ways to use different learning theories to achieve the objectives from a sample lesson plan.  I had the option to use an existing lesson plan or create my own.  I thought that if I created my own plan I could learn the process and potentially use the plan as an example in the unit of instruction I need to create for my capstone project.  I used the lesson plan template that is provided in my final course of this semester, Instructional Design Production.  It was an interesting process.  I had to think about pre-requisite skills and ways to scaffold information that would make sense to students.  If you want to check it out you can find it here:


If you do check it out I would appreciate any feedback you would be willing to provide!