Sometimes I Feel Like a Noob

We have a handful of faculty on my campus that are interested in learning everything they can about every piece of technology that we have available in my department. I am extremely happy when I get the opportunity to interact with them.

Yesterday I had one of these opportunities and the instructor wanted to delve into the inner workings of Blackboard. Now, I have been working with Blackboard since version 5 and can get around the system with relative ease. But when she started asking about features of the Early Warning System and Manage Chalk Title I started to feel a bit like a noob. This wasn't a bad feeling because I like to learn new things and play with tech, so it was actually quite fun.

My typical strategy, when it comes to technology, is to play around a bit with the tool first and then show faculty/staff/students. Now I am thinking it might be more fun to bring in a new tool and learn together.