Echo360 and Elluminate

We had an interesting training session yesterday on Echo360.

About a week and a half ago we had our Echo server and appliance installed in one of our multimedia rooms. The tech from Echo360 was unable to make the trip (through no fault of his or the company) to Tacoma for the install so we did everything remotely.

He was also unable to make it (again not an issue with him or the company) to the training yesterday. To accommodate for this we set up an Elluminate session so everyone could participate remotely. Once we were all in the Elluminate session I granted him control over the PC in the multimedia room through Elluminate. Once he had established control he brought up the server application and trained us on it's use. In addition to all of that he also kicked off a capture with the Echo appliance and we got everything recorded. It was pretty awesome! I am sure that we caused a rip in the spacetime continuum somewhere in the universe, and for that I apologize.