Technology and Education

We are at a crossroads with technology and education. Technology enables all of us to have immediate access to information and allows us to connect to virtually anyone in the world. It is important for the student of today to be equipped to navigate these technological landscapes.

It wasn't all that long ago when information dissemination required and expert to deliver it to a novice. Now, with the internet, anyone can find information about virtually anything. It is extremely important that we all learn how to think critically about the wealth of information at our fingertips. It isn't enough that I can "Google" an answer to a question. I need to be able to "Google" and understand if it is a


answer to the question. I think that education will need to focus more on teaching students information literacy so they are well equipped to function in this "information overload" society we all live in. In order to do this the technology must be infused with the classroom. All students should have access to the web in classrooms in order for information literacy to become part of the classroom experience.

The ability of technology to connect us to virtually anyone in the world is extremely powerful. If I were a student today I could have connected to people interested in and teaching Anthropology from all over the world to help me build a wonderfully rich Personal Learning Network. The ability to connect and network with others that have similar interests can really benefit a student through their educational career; they could be resources for papers or provide access to a wealth of information. It is important now, more than ever, for students to take advantage of this ability to connect with others to help further their educational goals.

I think this is an incredibly exciting time to be a teacher and a student. The ability to access a wealth of information and connect with a wealth of resources makes me wish I could be a student again. Who knows, maybe I is never too late!

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