Q & A Session with Cable Green

On Tuesday, May 4th, our English 101 class was visited by Cable Green, the eLearning Director for the Washington State Board of Community and Technical Colleges. Our class had read his interview with Creative Commons and was introduced to the Open Course Library project the week before. The students were asked to prepare questions for Cable regarding the interview and the project. We used Elluminate to bring Cable into class from his office in Olympia. I walked around the room with a hand held microphone with the panache of Phil Donahue so students could ask their questions. They asked some really great questions about faculty development around technology, open source textbooks and online education. I really enjoyed Cable’s description of a capstone course that helped students develop a PLN so they are connected with peers in their field that will be able to help them get jobs in their future career. This was kind of the concept that Ken Fox and I had when we first started talking about this English 101 class we are teaching now. I also learned something new about Cable too. I have known Cable for a couple of years now, but I had no idea that he wanted to be a spy when he entered college.