Learning Technology Leadership 2010

I am in Portland, OR for the Learning Technology Leadership Program hosted by EDUCAUSE. I am pretty excited about this professional development opportunity. The readings on leadership were very interesting.

About 10 years ago I started working in the eLearning deparment at Tacoma Community College. That was pretty much at the start of the College's eLearning efforts and our focus was supporting online instruction. It was an exciting time and was a lot of work. As the years went by role in the department changed. In the beginning it was just me and I reported to the Dean of eLearning. Now the eLearning department has a full time staff of 4 and is responsible for eLearning course support, instructional design, multimedia production, computer lab management and classroom scheduling.

I have learned management and leadership techniques from other leaders at the college and from reading/research. I am really looking forward to meeting and learning from other folks in educational leadership positions this week.